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Press Release Services

A lot of people don't release that the power of the Internet hasn't diminished the power of the press release. Actually, online press releases are in many ways much more powerful than their traditional counterparts ever used to be. With the Internet, you can manually submit your press releases and briefings to an unlimited supply of outlets. With the posted information, you can create incoming links back to your site, establish or grow your online presence and generate some buzz about your business or product.

Online Press Releases are Superior

The only way that you get results from a traditional press release is if a news outlet picks up your story and either writes or airs a story about it. This can be made much easier or harder depending on the relationships you have or have not established with those media outlets.

With online press release services however you get the benefit of being able to send your press release around to dozens of different wire services. The SEO Shop will manually submit all of your press releases, and your online presence will quickly grow.

Even better than the scope of opportunity and the ease of publication, all of the results from an online press release can be tracked. Real jumps in your traffic numbers, the amount of incoming links you have and your standings in the search engines can be easily noted to ensure you are getting the most out of your efforts.

SEO Press Releases

The most effective online press releases incorporate the same traditional PR formula with the additional performance boost of search engine optimization. Our team of professional writers can carve out an interesting, intriguing perspective on any topic, mesh the press release with SEO best practices and deliver targeted, powerful press releases.

Ongoing Campaigns

Online press releases are clearly a powerful tool to have at your disposal and there's no reason it has to be limited to a one time deal. The SEO Shop specializes in developing long term publicity campaigns for your business and your website. We can work hand in hand to develop a yearlong program that will continue to provide benefits to your online presence and your website's traffic and standing.

Here at The SEO Shop we'll help you harness the power of SEO press releases to produce quantifiable and long lasting improvements for your online presence.