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PPC Training

When you're ready to run your PPC campaigns internally you need to ensure that your staff is adequately trained. A poorly run campaign will cause you a lot of unnecessary stress while your budget gets drained without producing new prospects and customers. The SEO Shop can train your organization to successfully manage your own Pay Per Click campaigns so you can finally experience the beneficial aspects of PPC advertising.

At The SEO Shop our comprehensive training can:

  • Guide you through the process of setting up different campaigns
  • Instruct you on picking the right keywords to go after
  • Inform you on various bidding strategies
  • Teach you how to optimize landing pages
  • Show you how to write effective ads
  • Demonstrate how to analyze the effectiveness of ads and campaigns

This is just the beginning of what our PPC training program can offer you. We're available to train you and your staff both over the phone and on-site at your own location. With clients around the country and around the world, we'll be able to work out an instructional platform that fits your needs.