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Your Business Needs to be #1 in Google

If you want to maximize your potential earnings and the amount of traffic that your website sees, you have to understand how crucial it is to be ranked #1 in Google. If you're here and reading this you already know how important search engine optimization is for your site. What you may not realize is how drastically different the results for your business can be even within the first page of Google results.

The most commonly cited statistics about the importance of ranking well within Google and the other major search engines pertain to showing up in the first three pages of results. For example, a commonly referenced study by Jupiter Research showed that 62% of searchers click on a website from the first page of results and 90% of searchers will visit a website listed on the first three pages. If you're outside of those first three pages, you can say goodbye to any hopes of acquiring a hefty and consistent stream of traffic.

What is often overlooked however is how important it is to actually hold the number 1 spot. Being ranked within the first three pages just isn't good enough, and even being listed on the bottom of the very first page isn't going to produce the results you're seeking.

Research has shown that the number 1 listing on Google for a given search term receives over 56% of all of the clicks made on that page.

That number then quickly drops to 13% for the number 2 listing and just under 10% for the number 3 listing. If you're listed in the last few results, numbers 8 through 10, you'll be drawing in somewhere between 1% and 3% of the clicks.

Take a minute to digest that information before moving on. If you're the first website that pops up when a user makes a search a sensationally large percentage of the clicks, well over half of them, end up being made to your website.

The number 1 listing receives 56% of the traffic from the first page of Google, which means that if you're not number 1, you aren't even scratching the surface for the kind of traffic numbers you could be seeing. That's an overwhelming percentage, and it leaves the other nine listings scrambling for a minority share of the traffic.

The bottom line is that it's #1 and then it's everything else when it comes to your search engine positioning.

This has to be startling news for small business owners who thought that just making it onto the first page was enough to ensure success. The hard truth is that all too many people - SEO companies included - stop working when the first page of Google is breached. But if you're really looking to dominate your market and increase your traffic, you have to be listed number #1 and there's no way around that principle.

Nobody grows up thinking they want to be the 8th best baseball player or the 9th best fireman on the squad. You grow up envisioning that you're the best. You need to have the same goals and aspirations for your website. Either you're number 1 and you grab over 56% of all of the first page clicks, or you're divvying up the leftovers with the rest of the competition.

At The SEO Shop we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your website receives the traffic and the recognition that it deserves. That means employing all of our proven strategies working to get you listed at the #1 spot in Google and then working harder to make sure you retain that spot over the long haul.