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Inbound Link Campaigns

In order for your website to be displayed prominently in the results of search engines, you need to have high quality incoming links leading to your website and preferably to specific pages within your site as well.

Why you need incoming links

The major search engines all use a complex ranking system that helps them determine which pages they should feature for which results. Google uses their patented PageRank algorithm, while Yahoo! and Bing use their own formulas. The core principle with all of them is that the quality and quantity of inbound links to your website largely determines your overall ranking.

Quality inbound links

You can think about an inbound link as another website vouching for your site directly to the search engines. If a website with a lot of credibility vouches for you, naturally this is worth more than if a website with a poor reputation vouches for you.

If many reputable websites vouch for you, you'll of course receive more credit than if only one or two had. Additionally, someone vouching for you without you also vouching for them also lends more credence to the link itself.

The best kinds of inbound links are:

  • Relevant to your niche
  • From a highly ranked site
  • Comprised of targeted anchor text
  • One way links

How to find quality inbound links

There are many different ways that you can develop high quality inbound links. Two of the most popular and successful that The SEO Shop will be able to handle for you include:

  • Link Exchanges � Link exchanges not only add to your collection of incoming links but also will help drive traffic to your website. We thoroughly research your niche to find relevant and related websites that you can exchange links with.
  • Directory Submissions � Being accepted into the top, human run web directories will provide a series of high quality one way links. At The SEO Shop we take the time to submit your links by hand to ensure that your link is created to comply with a directory's standards while being as effective and targeted as possible. We will also customize your submissions for different directories, more properly aligning your site within different markets while also using a wider scope of targeted anchor text phrases.

Quantity is overrated

When it comes to your incoming links, quality far outweighs quantity. Receiving many incoming links from unrelated websites won't help your company as much as links from highly related sites. To go back to our vouching analogy, a recommendation or vote for your credibility will count for more if it comes from a website that might actually have knowledge about your niche, products and services.

The more high quality incoming links you can develop for your website, the better. At The SEO Shop we will pinpoint and target exact websites and directories that make sense for your business. But we won�t sacrifice quality for quantity and we won't give a vague promise for instantly providing hundreds of links leading to your site.

The human difference

There are hundreds of automatic directory submission services and link building programs. The first problem with these is that many of them fall into the scope of illicit blackhat strategies that could seriously hurt your website's reputation. Secondly, there is no making up for the customization and care that a real, qualified human can provide for you. The list of benefits for using our manual submission and link building services include:

  • Varied and customized anchor text
  • Carefully chosen, respected directories
  • Knowledge of the latest changes in effective strategy
  • Highly relevant and related websites to exchange with
  • Understanding of your specific needs

As with most things in life, when it comes to the inbound links leading to your website, you would rather have high quality than high quantity. At The SEO Shop we will work hard on providing your business as many high quality incoming links as possible, utilizing all of the latest best practices to ensure your website grows its online presence quickly and effectively.